March 29, 2023

The Foundational Series

How Does ADUSearch Work? The Core Model  Blog 1 –  2 min. read March 31, 2023 | By: Frazier Fathers ADUSearch aims to help its users discover the potential in their own backyard. In particular, this digital tool uses a variety of spatial data and models based on existing and hypothetical bylaws to assess ADU suitability at a lot-by-lot and neighbourhood level. ADUSearch was originally funded by Stage 1 of the CMHC Housing Supply Challenge and incubated at Family Services Windsor-Essex but continues to grow as a project. The process to create the maps that users see today was two-fold. First, the policy team gathered the bylaw inputs that inform the conditions and restrictions that allow an additional dwelling unit (ADU) to be built. These inputs were organized in a flowchart format and validated both internally and externally. Next, the policy files were sent to the GIS team to be...